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If you haven't seen the post on egl, nor have been on the website lately - there's been big changes! All of the older issues of Sucrerie have been switched into a blog format, and from now on we'll be updating the magazine weekly! (Well, hopefully weekly. As long as we get enough submissions!) Read more about the change by clicking here, or else just go check out the new site format!

Sucrerie Magazine has officially been around for one year - the Winter 2009 issue is here!

It's free to read!
Our Fall 2009 issue is now live at Sucrerie Magazine

(So sorry it's a day late - I was waiting for a last minute submission but it still hasn't come and I decided it wasn't fair to the readers to wait any longer. But the magazine is better late than never right?)

Hi everyone!

The deadline to submit content for our Fall/Halloween issue is August 24th; if you plan on submitting please email us soon! We are desperately in need of outfit snaps for our Western Lolita Style Watch!


More info here: sucrerie_mag

Jun. 1st, 2009

New website layout. New webzine viewing format. Downloadable PDF version coming soon.
Check it out and let us know what you think <3


Apr. 2nd, 2009

Submissions deadline for Issue #3 is May 24th. The issue will be public and free to read on June 1st. We are still in need of the following:

-Purikura photos
-Outfit snaps
-Your thoughts on our last issue
-Lolita inspired art
-"In My Closet" feature
-Any tutorials, poems, short stories, articles, etc!

Read more here or email us at: webmaster@sucreriemag.com

More of Sucrerie on LJ

I made a new LJ community for Sucrerie, as the ning community hasn't been doing so well. I think the community will mainly be used for discussing past and future issues, looking for contributors, etc. Maybe more people would be willing to submit their work if they had an idea of what other people were planning on submitting? I hate to give it all away before the issue comes out though. Hmmm. We'll see where this goes...

Join if you like: sucrerie_mag

Issue #2 now available!

Click to read it for free!

Also, keep track of us on twitter
Or join our new ning community

Contributors for Issue #2!

Issue #2 of Sucrerie Magazine comes out March 1st.

You have until Feb 24th to submit any outfit photos, art, poems, articles, ads, items for product placement, etc!
Click for more information :)

Issue #2 Submissions

(I'll probably be posting this on egl sometime tomorrow)

For the second issue of Sucrerie Mag we're looking for people willing to be interviewed on the following subjects: Brolitas, Dolls dress in Lolita, and Western vs Eastern lolita wear.

The subject of "Brolitas" is going to be an article about the illusive male lolita. How they deal with criticism, buying lolita, why they wear it, etc.

Lolita clothing seems quite popular for dolls such as ABJDs, Pullip and Blythe. We'll be talking to owners of dolls who dress them in lolita and doll clothing designers (hence the subject being "Dolls dress in Lolita")

"Western vs Eastern lolita wear" will be simply your opinions on the differences between the two.

If you're interested in contributing other ways; we need candid outfit photos, your lolita-inspired art, tutorials, articles and photo shoots, poems, questions for Ask Alice or anything else you think would be fitting! Click for more information!

Issue #2 comes out March 1st. Entries should be in by February 22nd